Our History

R.C.S.C.C. Calgary
Nuggets of our History

R.C.S.C.C. Calgary received its official operating ‘Warrent’ in 1993. The corps originally paraded in the Bridgeland Community Centre

Our original corps number was 315. It was changed to #335 in 1993 to re-flect the number on the hull of HMCS Calgary.

R.C.S.C.C. Calgary was named after HMCS Calgary which was launched in 1994. Cadets attended its commissioning in 1995 where their first Annual Ceremonial Review was conducted.

In 1993 Sea Cadets wore green uniforms. The uniform changed to black in 1994.

In 1998 R.C.S.C.C. Calgary Cadets made another trip to visit the HMCS Calgary.

In 2005 Calgary’s change of command ceremony was conducted onboard the HMCS Calgary.

Our Corps Crest: The gold is representative of the fertile grain fields of the “bend wavy’ indicative of the Bow River which flows through Calgary. The bow is an acknowledgement of the Natives in our area and the HMCS Calgary.

R.C.S.C.C. 335 Calgary’s
Commanding Officers

1990 – 1994
Lt(N) Bill Saddington CD

1994 – 1997
Lt(N) Robert A. Newton CD

1997 – 2000
Lt(N) Doug Bourne CD

2000 – 2002
L CDR (N) Greg Hatton-Fernly CD

2002 – 2005
Lt(N) Geoff Kneller CD

2005 – 2007
Lt(N) Robert A. Newton CD

2007 – 2011
Lt(N) Sylvaine Bouliane

2011 – present
Lt(N) Dan Barnfield

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