Parents / Supporters Guide

The New Cadet

When a boy or girl joins the Corps, they will be enrolled into one of the deck divisions. Each division consists of a group of cadets led by a Divisional Petty Officer (a senior cadet). An adult from the Corps is assigned to each division as the Divisional Officer.

Senior cadets work with each new cadet as a to help the new cadet feel welcome and adjust to the Corps and its activities.

With the assistance of the Officers and senior cadets, the new cadet quickly makes friends and becomes familiar with the sea cadet program and the corps.

It is particularly important for new cadets to attend all regular parade night and as many optional training activities as possible so that they quickly get a solid understanding of the breadth to the cadet experience and their own role in the corps.

Parents + Supporters

We want all our parents to feel at home with the corps from the very beginning. You are cordially invited to attend our colors and sunset, ceremonial divisions (held monthly), and participate as an active member of our Navy League Branch.

Many events are planned for the specific purpose of encouraging new parents to meet corps Officers and staff, Navy League members, and other parents in the corps. Please attend as many of these gatherings as you can.

A Corps the size of RCSCC Calgary depends on active adults in a variety of leadership and support roles. It is the Corps expectation that every parent will assist in some way during the course of the cadet year.

Building Security

Being that the Corps parades on a functioning military base certain security precautions must be taken. Any parents staying after Colours are required to sign the ships log. Because we cannot have unsupervised guests in the armories we ask that Volunteer Screening be done prior so that your assistance that night can be used on a variety of Corps functions.

Parade Nights

RCSCC Calgary meets each Monday and Friday (except during summer months) from 6:30pm – 9:30pm at the Northeast Armoury (1227-38 Ave NE).

Mondays evenings are parade nights where mandatory training is conducted. Friday evenings are administration nights where time of extracurricular activities are provided.

Parents are asked to be present for Sunset on Monday evening, as important information or activities are passed on.

Monday Timetable

6:00pm-6:30pm                                Duty watch onboard
6:30pm-6:40pm                                Ship’s company muster on parade square
6:40pm-6:50pm                                Divisions
6:50pm-7:00pm                                Colour Ceremony
7:00pm-7:30pm                                Period 1
7:30pm-8:00pm                                Period 2
8:00pm-8:15pm                                Stand Easy
8:15pm-8:45pm                                 Period 3
8:45pm-9:00pm                                Cleaning stations
9:00pm-9:30pm                                Sunset Ceremony & CO’s address
9:30pm                                                Ship’s company dismissed

Canceling Of A Parade

Throughout the year it may be necessary to cancel a parade. Updates will be posted on the Corps webpage, facebook page, and sent out through the cadet call out sheet. If you are not sure whether we are parading for some reason you are instructed to call the Officer of the Day at 403-291-2666.

Issues/Ideas That May Arise

Throughout the year you may find it necessary to bring up issues or ideas to the Corps. In the course of a night duty officers and staff may not have the necessary time to give so parents are instructed to either consult their Navy League Branch Corps Liaison or the Commanding Officer.

Parent + Supporter Personal Conduct

The Corps and it’s Officers prides itself on its ability to provide a supportive, and inclusive environment for all. As such, we ask that all parents and supporters support the “RCSCC Calgary’s zero tolerance policy” by:

a) Not publicly criticizing Cadets, Staff, Officers, Volunteers and other Parents.
b) Not using profane, insulting, harassing, or otherwise offensive/derogatory language.”
c) Treat Officers, Staff, Cadets and Volunteers with due respect.
d) Discuss all concerns with Officers and Staff in a responsible, respectful and open-minded manner.

Those individuals choosing not to abide by this policy will be asked to leave the Armories.

Cadet Pick Up

The Officers and Staff of RCSCC Calgary are volunteers. As such they all have personal and professional lives away from the Corps. We ask that parents/supporters respect this and be present after dismissal to pick up their cadet. We are more than will to make exceptions in special circumstances; however abuse of this policy will not be tolerated.

Contacting The Corps

The ship’s telephone number is 291-2666. Voice messages are checked regularly by the Officer of the Day. To contact any member of the staff, please leave a message at which time it will be followed up at the earliest convenience.

Corps Newsletter

The Corps newsletter is published and emailed to each cadet, and their family, once each month. The newsletter contains important information about upcoming events and reminders about many activities. Both cadets and parents are strongly encouraged to read the newsletter and retain it for reference throughout the month. All schedule dates and any changes will be in this newsletter.

Corps Webpage

The Corps webpage is a great source for up-to-date information regarding Corps activities. It contains pictures of recent trips, important exercise forms, Corps history, and many other areas of interest.

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